Friday, October 26, 2012

Author, Jean Pike, reviews new book by Thomas

By jean pike
Oct 25, 2012
This weekend I had to make my bi-annual trip to the Laundramat to wash my quilts. Normally it's not a chore I enjoy -- sitting in a chair, watching my quilts go round and round. But this time it was different. This time I had Kay Thomas' new book, And One More thing, to help me pass the time. And One More thing is a delightful collection of essays extracted from Kay's newspaper column by the same name at The Livingston County News. This little book is chock full of insights from the author's observations of people, places and experiences. It is written with great warmth and humor. I have had the privilege of chatting with Kay over coffee. Reading this book is just like that! Some of the essays had me chuckling, and others caused me to feel sadly nostalgic. Some, like My Special Shangri-la Calls Me Softly, caused me to simply pause and savor the beauty of the author's writing... The New Mexico lavender sunsets are the most awesome wonders every night, and I will stop whatever I am doing -- even a good dinner with friends, to observe all the subtleties of the tints and hues crossing the horizons. The unique displays never disappoint night after night... Addressing everything from Social Networking to the overwhelming amount of choices for cold remedies, reading this wonderful collection of thoughts was a truly enjoyable way to spend an afternoon.

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