Saturday, January 28, 2012

will the real kitty please stand up

We're independent people at our house, and that includes five-year- old, Dickens, the tiger cat. My husband and I have our keys for coming and going, and Dickens sports his magnetic collar for use at the back door. It works well for us as a family.
Once in a while there is a slip up, and a key gets locked in the house, or some other nonsense that is a momentary inconvenience in the bigger picture of things.
Nothing has happened quite as incredible as last evening though.
My husband and I were heading out for the night, and got in the car. The headlights flashed on our porch. We saw the cat scurrying back and forth near the door looking rather distressed.
It was quite obvious when we took a second look that he had lost his collar, which in itself is rather infrequent. He has signaled us in the past this same way because he now is reliant on us letting him in the front door.
We stopped in our tracks and my husband went over to pick Dickens up while unlocking the door. I pushed past and went to the back closet to get a spare collar we keep for emergencies like this. He would hold Dickens while I put on the new collar. It was never a difficult task becuase he had the sense that the collar was important for him to wear.
I was rumaging around  my disorganized shelf when my husband called out to me to come quickly. When I walked into the living my husband didn't say a word. He was still holding the cat, BUT there was a second tiger cat--an exact twin, rolling on the floor with his magnetic collar on securely.
What? It wasn't registering at first. Then I realized that a neighbor cat had come calling to see his identical self. It was well-fed and cared for with the same markings as Dickens. We put the cat outside and prayed that it would find its way back home before we returned.
Sure enough, when we got home, the twin was gone. Whew!
We opened the door and called out, "Will the real Dickens please come out?"
That  story will go down as as a double keeper to be retold over and over. Oh, if I had only taken a picture so that you would believe it, too.