Tuesday, January 24, 2012

what's up with the climate?

The question was asked, and I didn't have an answer. I thought for a moment, hemed and hawed so to speak and came up with nothing. "When are you going to get a decent snowfall, so we can come Upstate for a visit? Without freezing temperatures in January and piles of snow to wade through, it's not the same," said my concerned potential visitors.
I suppose the guests are correct on that, and even for all of us that live here regardless of the season, we are scratching our heads waiting for the other shoe to drop.
The one or two snowfalls that we did have made me more apprehensive about getting out there in my car and going where I needed to be regardless. By this time in January, the ordinariness of winter driving has taken hold and the skills have been tested over and over. I have long since forgotten.
I can't help but worry about the ski slopes and those others depending upon the winter to keep them economically sound.
It surely hasn't been good for the seasonal fruit trees that rely on a period of frigid temperatures before their blossoms burst forth. I noticed that my forsythia bushes were waving to me in the wind trying to get my attention kind of like "what's up, doc?"
All the strange weather around the country-the vicious tornadoes touching down, the wildfires and freezing days in areas where it doesn't normally happen, make me question what is going on with our climate.