Sunday, January 22, 2012

state your point, please

I connected  powerful adjectives together in several coherent sentences to make my point. It was necessary that my email was clear, concise and that it would result in action.
The first reply that I received was short, formal and could have fit any situation. I didn't like that at all. Since it was a weekend, I knew that Monday I would pick up the phone and get my desired result.
Several hours later I received a second email from my correspondent that was utterly ridiculous. I felt like I was not being listened to, and it was unacceptable.
I replied with much more punch to my words.
I had been heard, and the proper action was starting to rectify the problem.
Tomorrow morning I will return a piece of defective merchandise to the company, and a full refund will be made on my credit card including the extra shipping I had requested for priority delivery--which didn't happen unfortunately.
Oh, the occasional challenge when ordering online is all part of living in 2012.