Saturday, January 21, 2012

no such thing as perfect in my opinion

GEVA Theatre Center in Rochester is rocking in laughter this winter thanks to  their staging of "A Perfect Wedding,"a British farce in every sense of the word.

Bruce Jordan, director, has cast the perfect combination of actors that skillfully deliver their lines, and no matter where you sit you are in for a romp in the country inn. You couldn't find a better rendition anywhere.

So it makes you think about your own perfect weekend all without a hitch including the honeymoon! What a great conversation starter at dinner after the theatre with friends! Or you remember being in one or two unusual wedding parties yourself that still make you shake your head in amazement. Then there is the new "destination wedding" event that takes everyone off on a frolic together. It also holds true moments to share.

Take my word for it, and visit GEVA for a healthy and hardy fit of giggles. Let yourself go. It's good for the winter blahs.
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