Thursday, January 19, 2012

a little knocking and creaking of doors

And I stayed glued to the tube last night at nine o'clock to watch "The Ghost Hunters" show about The Naples Hotel.
I think that it was more hype than substance, and a good gimmick to get the place sold. It has been on the market for a time. Other than that, it was pretty hokey. Even my friends gathered around the TV were bored after the first time things were repeated.
It will be with a little curiosity that I ask some local folks in Naples what's with the ghost stories. I think that is where the real truth will cme out once and for all. Could it be true that Topper, the ghost, resides on the third floor? Did the previous person in the process of buying the hotel referred to as "John" really have strange happenings and was not be able to run the place?
Oddly enough though, I was driving on Main Street in the fall when the cameras were filming and the crew was up and down on the porch steps. I wondered at the time, and when I heard later what it was about, then I knew that I would give the show a try.
Certainly I want to have dinner in the Naples Hotel restaurant soon for its ambiance of an earlier era. Whether there are ghosts listening upstairs, who cares?