Monday, January 16, 2012

have you missed the daily posts?

Post Christmas/holiday/New Year and everything else under the kitchen sink convinced me that it was time to lie low from blogging for a bit.

Besides, writing is hard work! (Not that I am adverse to intense work or anything of the sort) My overall writing direction was headed elsewhere I was sensing, and I had some soul searching to do if in fact that is the case.

Sifting and sorting can be mindful when approached with an adventurous spirit. I have many fingers in numerous pies, and stirring the pot with the creative help of a fellow writer often brings things to a boil.
Then I have that tendency to be a perfectionist, and the more that I write the easier the words flow. It sure makes common sense to me! Looking back at some of my old pieces with a hanging head, it does give me concrete proof that I am getting better fortunately. The book will come out of me sooner rather than later I figure at the rate at which I am going.

 ---And one humble creative person always says to me, "the best is still in you." My spirits get lifted when I hear those words of encouragement. What it could be, I have no clue. It's the possibilities that fascinate me, though.

For 2012 I trust  when you turn to your blog reading, Over and Around the Finger Lakes Hills, and find some beneficial tidbits you'll say, "Yea...a new blog post today; not blah, blah same old rantings like every other writer that uses the Internet for personal gain."