Friday, December 9, 2011

take a refresher course on winter driving 101

Somewhere in the back of my cluttered mind is a manila folder labeled: winter driving skills course 101. I believe it needs to be pulled out and reviewed today. That is of primary importance, and more so than choosing which pair of boots I will wear.
Growing up in an area of the country where there was much less snowfall each winter, I never learned the required skills to navigate in Upstate New York. Therefore, it became a survival adaptation that I was thrown into yelling and screaming. In those days it was all about snow tires and studs, which I learned about from a compassionate car dealer in Gneva. A couple "stupid" minor accidents taught me to leave space between other cars and slow down for braking. AND, more importantly, slow and steady on the gas pedal is a must when climbing a hill-even a slight one.
Today I am a moving ad for my trusty Subaru, but I drive with all due respect for the conditions. I am hoping that others will do likewise.
Yikes! I hope that I haven't jinxed myself here!