Thursday, December 15, 2011

southwestern hike in springwater

Twas the week before Christmas......and this memo came from  Springwater Parks and Trails.

If road names like Pokey Moonshine Road and Devil's Slide Road sound appealing to you, you will not want to miss this week's hike. We'll explore the Great Southwest part of Springwater along the county line, complete with cactus and mesquite... well... not really.

The southwestern portion of the Town is characterized by forested hills and great valley views. We'll start the hike near the south end of Harpers Ferry Road at the bend on top of the hill. That "intersection" is known as the upper end of the old Devil's Slide Road. Some experienced residents tell of a time when they used to take cars down that way. Not any more. It's a beautiful 300 foot elevation change down to Pokey Moonshine Road (a.k.a. Pokamoonshine Road). Or, for the Climbers, a nice hike up!

Depending on conditions, this hike is primarily designed for hiking boots and will make extensive use of roads, paved and dirt. The Flatlanders will hike some 3 miles, the Tourists, 4.5 miles and the Climbers, who knows!

After the hike, we'll have an authentic Southwest Tailgate Party up on the hill.  We're planning to bring beans, homemade salsas and soft tortillas.  So please bring a dish to pass and/or drinks in that theme.  Or bring a small amount of cold hard cash in unmarked bills to stuff in the hat.

It is really beautiful up there and you will not want to miss this one.

From Route 15 and the North, take Harpers Ferry Road South. A little jog to the right, then left, at Depot Road (Depot turns into Meade Hill, but Harpers Ferry continues south). From Wayland, take Becker to Pokey Moonshine to Carney Hollow to Harpers Ferry Road. We'll meet at the right-angle bend on the southern end of Harpers Ferry Road. Park safely away from the bend.