Wednesday, December 21, 2011

short is as little could be

Brevity is good.
  • "Make your point and move on, " was one of the best journalistic pieces of advice that I ever received. It came from the mouth of a reporter for a Canadian newspaper, who was lecturing on his Native American ancestry. At the time I was not as heavily into writing as I am presently. However, those words did ring in my ears as too good not to remember. They got written down in my notebook, and later they were posted near my computer. It became one of the litmus tests when I was finalizing a feature for the newspaper.
  • "A picture is better than a thousand words," might mean that a skillful writer tightens up what he has to say with succinct adjectives that paint their own images in a reader's mind. 
  • "Less is more than enough," if what you have said is tight and concise.
 Economy of language is more than adequate.