Saturday, December 10, 2011

holidays blues will fade

A friend on Facebook reminded me that the holiday season is difficult for those struggling with overwhelming problems of an economic or personal nature.
All the commercial hype is magnified when one is grieving a loved one or feeling alone in the world for other reasons. Even a quick trip to the convenience store is a reminder with  stacks of stocking stuffers in view, and no stockings to fill at home.
Sometimes there is no home to go to for the holidays, nor is there joy in their world. It truly is a series of silent nights over and over.
For others there is too much sadness over money, and not enough of it to go around the family for presents. Priorities are challenging, and may be misplaced.
Jealousy and lack of contentment can be brutal and wear down a person's mental and physical health.
Instead, take some time to sit down and think about who you are, and where you are heading in life. Who are the people in the background of your life that might be waiting to step forward if you would give them a nod? What activity, hobby, passion or service to others could be there on the near horizon for you?
Then get outside to take in fresh air, and hopefully a little sunshine while getting some exercise free for the asking. It might surprise you that your perspective could change by the time you return. At least, the negatives can wither away with a little positive thinking.
Tomorrow is another day...a new outlook...another chance at living.