Friday, December 9, 2011

a december hike in springwater

Springwater Parks and Trails Group will return to Sugarbush Hollow Maple Syrup Farm, 8447 Pardee Hollow Road, Springwater, this Sunday, December 11, 2011 at 2:00 sharp.

For directions check out  If you have never traveled here, many people get lost coming here so give yourself enough time for travel. We are located in the southeast corner of the Town of Springwater.  Call 943-3475 if you are lost; the helicopters and St. Bernards are standing by!

We will meet at the Sugar Bear Lodge (Chuck's new house under construction) on Coates Road just past the Sugarhouse on Pardee Hollow Road. Turn onto Coates Road at the yellow house just past the barns and go up Coates Road to the first field on your right. Drive down the long driveway through the field and park near the new house. We will meet on the very large "porch" of the Sugar Bear Lodge for a short introduction to the area. If you prefer to park at the Sugarhouse,  catch a ride with another car or follow the Sugarbush Nature Trail  to the new house that would be okay too (all uphill hike).        

We will explore the many trails, log roads, and bushwack throughout Sugarbush Hollow, the Sugarbush Nature Trail, Coates Road and neighboring farms.   There are many east and south scenic views of the surrounding hills and valleys from the top of Coates Road at an elevation of 2200'. We often have snow up here in the mountains before lower elevations.   Chuck Winship, owner Sugarbush Hollow will talk about the unique features of the sugar maple trees, current research,  and forest management.    

We will divide into 3 skill level groups. Flatlanders (beginners) Tourists (intermediate) and Climbers (advanced).  Be prepared for some hill hiking, possible snow and wind and dress for the weather conditions. This is the last weekend of hunting season so wear bright clothes or orange the deer do not mistake you for a hunter!

After hike social will be at the Mountain View in Atlanta at 4:30 (a 5 minute drive from Sugarbush Hollow) just off Rt. 21 before North Cohocton. A wide variety of menu items including their "famous chicken and biscuits" will be available for purchase.