Saturday, November 26, 2011

making plans for the weekend

With unseasonably warm weather for part of the weekend, one of the necessities is a final look at the outside yard and the official wave "goodbye" until next spring. It's been real--ly a terrific summer and fall.
Probably the boxes of Christmas decorations will get stacked in the spare bedroom for a gradual change over to the holiday season in the next week or so. It wouldn't hurt to sort through a bit, and see what is what.
With the same token of cheer, it means the "holiday" sweaters and fleece get moved to the top of the pile to be worn as needed. Somehow the color red fits with December, and already there are events stacked on the calendar.
Designs and photos for the " E " Christmas card should be gathered up, and some decisions made shortly. It is a good excuse to remember all the trips and events of the past year.
Perhaps though, first I should take that long walk on bare pavement and in a light sweater  lest I forget in the wintry months ahead! Who knows? I might be out in my snowshoes and winter parka next weekend!