Tuesday, November 22, 2011

a little adventure with the cat door

When I woke up at my usual early hour this morning and came out into the living room, the outside light was on brightening the area to a degree off to the side of the house. It is one of those automatic jobbies, and some critter had triggered it obviously. I looked out the window carefully into the shadows cast around, but saw nothing until I walk closer to the door. Then I spotted a big problem.

The cat door flap and plexiglass window were pulled out. That signaled me that our cat, Dickens, had made a flying entry through sometime in the night and busted off the door. He's done that in the past, and usually he is running from a neighbor cat. Our cat is not known in the area for being friendly, and you might say that he stays away from all other creatures if at all catly possible. The door was fixable, and once it was put back together Dickens came in safely using his magnetic collar to push himself opening the flap.

It reminded me of the day that the plexiglass got cracked- an almost unheard of thing, but it had happened. Even the company representative that I phoned couldn't believe it. He sent us a new plexiglass pane immediately at no charge. The night before a small bear cub of about two years in age had found some birdseed left out in a can on our back porch. We knew better, but oh well, it was there for him to feast on. While exploring the porch he had put his paw up to the cat door, and with his strength, it must have weakened. Fortunately, that was as far as the bear ventured, and he was satisfied to stay outside.

Anyhow, "the Harry Potter escape door" is safe again, so all is well in our household.