Monday, November 7, 2011

a late fall day abounds with yard work

The yard must get buttoned up for winter, and today looks like it will be THE one to finish up thanks to warmer temperatures. Mother Nature is telling me that it is changing seasons shortly, but I wonder how long late fall will stretch on before the white stuff comes. November days that are mild and sunny can be bonus ones on my calendar.
I must admit that the gardens were beautiful over the summer, and the variety of blossoming trees came out on cue to make for a colorful scene.Every time I would turn the corner and head in the driveway, I would sigh  at the lovely sight. In preparing the ground now I will be grateful when spring comes and all that mess has been cleared out.
There are still leaves to be removed and that seems never ending, but the ground requires another sweep this afternoon.
Before the light fades I must get in my walk- a challenge to myself this month to keep up to 5k no matter what!
As I sit here with my last cup of coffee, I am looking forward to the little joys and challenges this day will bring forth-especially the outdoors part.