Wednesday, November 9, 2011

enjoy the day and make it special

One more day of beautiful weather in the Finger Lakes. What are you going to do to celebrate?

An asteroid is predicted to have a “near miss” with Earth tonight. That' s good for a shout!

The local elections are over, and depending whether your choices are "in" or "out," you can enjoy no more TV ads, cell phone interruptions and signs cluttering yards along the highway.

Friends traveling back home will have worry-free driving in one of those unpredictable weather months. It looks good to go for them!

Cider is still flowing at the mill and apples are piling up for more homemade applesauce to be made. Yummy applesauce will be appreciated in the dead of winter.

The leaves on the trail continue to make that delightful rustling sound underfoot, and warn the deer to slip back further into the brush. An ambitious walk in a short sleeve shirt will make you chuckle if you let yourself go.