Thursday, October 27, 2011

think local, buy local and eat healthy meals with friends

A dish-to-pass event is on the calendar for the weekend, and with all the good cooks coming together, what's a person to do?
Squash gourds perch precariously high on the shelves of the market; don't you love it when the perfect one is in the middle of the display? Rats! That's always my experience.
Pumpkin recipes jump out on every magazine page, and with the down home nostalgia that comes along with past family Thanksgiving dinners, you want to add pumpkin to a fall meal. Believe it or not,  pumpkin hand lotion can re-create the same feeling.
Carrots and broccoli bunches look healthy. My gardening friends are still pulling them up from the earth.
Local grapes of all varieties are at the farm stand, and the taste of a well-crafted pie can be a sweet tooth's delight!
Wegmans' Menu magazine gave me the route to take with broccoli combined with pesto sauce-two ingredients that will equal its own special taste. How simple could that be--and sometimes simple is best. Here's hoping it's a winner--or if nothing else, works well with the other dishes on the buffet that I am looking forward to along with a little light conversation between old and new friends.