Wednesday, October 19, 2011

the perfect coffee mug has been found!

While at the Grape Festival in Naples I picked up yet another coffee mug to add to my already overflowing cupboards. It was  from a new potter not familiar to me named David Webster from Sayre, PA. I am very glad that I did!
While I was strolling past Webster's booth, my eyes focused in on the orange/red glaze on the dinnerware display, and  pulled me over for a longer look.  I had been searching for a mug in that particular color for quite some time.
However, in order to be the perfect coffee mug for me, I had to hold it in my hand comfortably with my fingers wrapped it naturally. It is an intimate ritual that I go through, and I believe a potter understands that, too.
This particular mug was well-crafted, light to handle and large enough for a good morning's cuppa'. It's mine now and put to use faithfully.
Check out Webster's website at