Tuesday, October 11, 2011

a little light conversation on a woodsy walk

Yesterday was perfect for permitting outside activities to be dragged out--maybe I mean relished-- as long as possible into the evening. The hills set out to be noticed with their fall colors dotting sections of the slopes near and far into the distance.

On a walk up a hillside with some new and old friends the conversation centered around the medieval labyrinth that had been designed and then laid out on the grounds surrounded by huge pine trees blocking most of the sunlight except for an isolated ray or two. The landowners wanted to show off their hard work, and allow us to experience the path.

It truly was an adventure to weave in and out to the center, and return to where we started. There were a couple of false moves in the wrong direction, but we all ended out where we started. Some of us talked our way through the experience, and I realize that in order to get the full purpose of walking a labyrinth one should be alone with one's thoughts. That will have to be for another day and visit, and perhaps an early morning, as well.