Saturday, October 29, 2011

halloween-good times or pain in the neck

 Your take on Halloween can be as different as the assortment of candy in the trick-or treat bowl.

Happy Halloween weekend may spark the Tinkerbell-Peter Pan in adults freeing them up to dress for any opportunity that prevails. There are people-some of which are your acquaintances that might surprise you, that really get into the costume thing, and are extremely creative in what they wear. Hopefully, folks appreciate their sense of humor and perhaps, putting themselves on the line while others in the crowd frown at such silliness. It is just more of the fun of embracing life and laughing over the insignificant which catches these souls every year about this time.

Teachers tell me that they have had plenty of Halloween for a lifetime with all the hyped-up sugar- crazed kids they oversee in the classroom. Enough is enough for them keeping the lid on things the week before, and anywhere they go over the weekend is in  direct avoidance of another reminder.Monday will come and teachers will have to deal with tired, worn-out kids slumping in their seats.

Grandparents get a second chance at re-living those cute costume days from visiting with their little darlings or seeing the electronic pictures instantly. Those munchins can be so adorable in their little outfits, even babies who don't know what the heck all the fuss is all about.

Halloween is the second largest celebration in the United States, and between the people who decorate their yards with inflatable displays and  the events to go to over the weekend, it seems to me that the holiday is alive and well. Avoid it if you want, or make the most of a late fall weekend collecting your treats.