Monday, October 3, 2011

ghoulish events and perfectly unique pumpkins

Is there a haunted house in your October plans? It seems that there are plenty to share all around the Finger Lakes region depending upon your needs and requirements in spookin.'
Yesterday I did the "pumpkin thing" and lovingly selected those deep orange gourds for our driveway. A couple are smooth on the surface, but I discovered one with noticeable bumps and warts on its skin that made it appear rather goulish. I had to have that one for sure! The cat has been snooping, sniffing and hiding around the edges intent on being part of the tableau.
I've never been into dressing up for Halloween, but I do love to see the creative outfits kids wear, and the handiwork of their moms and dads. Hmm...What is the the most popular character to be?
Over the holiday weekend I will stop in at Growing Places Enrichment Center in Dansville to check their night of lighted carved pumpkins on display in the garden. It is always spectacular and camera ready!