Sunday, August 14, 2011

table talk leftover memories

"A little of this. A little of that," my mother so aptly said, and that saying has stuck in my head.

 The table was loaded with leftovers, and dabs and tastes of  memories of meals from the previous nights were rekindled momentarily. All those various tastes can make for an elective and colorful plate in front of me, and I willingly accepted it.

My plate had one jumbo shrimp and a half a sea scallop from an excellent dinner at The Yard of Ale in Piffard ( near Geneseo ) with friends the night before. I could still hear the laughter and pleasing conversation as I finished off that treat.

There was the last of the corn on the cob from a farm stand near Livonia, and it complimented the seafood well. I had had a successful day in that area on Thursday, and I thought about what I had accomplished.

To top it off I opened a new bottle of Goose Watch merlot that I had picked up when touring the eastern Finger Lakes earlier in July. The morning I had visited the winery was extremely hot and the sun was beating down as I walked around the land on the property. I was returning home, and Goose Watch was my last stop.