Sunday, August 7, 2011

table talk engages our souls

I suppose we were too busy catching up with each other to really notice the late afternoon serenity of nature. You know how that goes when people going in every which way find time to be together.

The other night a group of us were gathered at a gazebo overlooking one of our very own Finger Lakes. In this case it was Hemlock Lake in the more western part of the region. We were at the northern end looking south.

The news among most of us was good, and in one case not so positive at all. In fact, not a whole lot had to be said on anyone's part about their on-going struggles. It was a matter of connecting together briefly to let each other know that we all care and cherish one another. That old adage I seem to use in my writing fit this scene perfectly: less contact does not mean less love.

Highs and lows can't be in sync between people just as the ripples in the water change with the wind and seasons.

Friendships that are long lasting go through a lot of stages-births, sicknesses, weddings, deaths, retirements and new jobs. It is inevitable.

The lake is on-going feeding us a source of nourishment when we take the time to feel its peacefulness.