Monday, August 1, 2011

the little sister

A spindly frail girl
Weighing in under the limit
For a five year old
Looks up at me in astonishment
Like she is caught
At some naughty trick
When I come home from school
Loud and demanding attention
Breaking the peaceful silence in the air.
She’s at
Her usual spot at the dining table
Thick dark brown curly locks
Framing her face
 making doll clothes from scraps of paper and cloth
Pinning sections together
Humming a tune to herself
While attaching them to an assortment of dolls
Spread haphazardly over the surface
Happy in herself.

In tribute to my sister, Dorothy, who passed away a year ago, August 10,2010, after a courageous 13- year fight with Cancer.  Rest in peace.