Monday, August 8, 2011

gotta love those summertime picnics

Devil eggs  dress and "show up" at summer picnics in those fancy Tupperware individual holders.

When I feast my eyes down the table there is more food than I could ever fit on my paper plate, and in fact, too much for one meal even when going back and forth to reload. At least that is my take on a summer picnic. For others with more hardy appetites, it is more fun than a barrel of monkeys.

While I am waiting my turn at the beginning of the serving line, I amuse myself by counting the number of potato salad variations set out among the other choices. I find that there is a family story behind each recipe, and almost everyone makes "mom's version." I love to ask around and hear those tales, too, for it gives good insights into lives less known to me.

Between the fruit molds which are making a come back from earlier Jello days of my childhood, to the white hots and hamburgers, the picnic takes on a regional flavor as well.

Gather one or two vegans into the mix of party goers, and new tastes with tofu and miso can be very appealing to the palate.

Before I start eating I take a long look at my colorful meal, and I am grateful for the company I am surrounded with in the afternoon that took the time to share their dishes with all of us present.