Saturday, July 30, 2011

trip down memory lane

It is so much fun when you "discover" a new place to have dinner, whether it is in an urban or rural setting.
I have never figured out why so many people have to go to an urban restaurant, or a trendy one where they will be "seen" thinking that any place "out in the sticks" couldn't possibly be a place for well-prepared, healthy eats. Oh well, people have their hang-ups, or their lifestyles.
As for me, I enjoy a whole variety of venues, and when our neighbors told us about their most recent find, I was anxious to go with them and "discover" for myself. 
My first impression walking in the door of Club Valentine was that I was in for a trip down memory lane to the sixties in a small town restaurant. Table after table assumed my age group and were gathered on a Friday night. The light paneling on the walls, vintage tables and red chairs were from an earlier era. Upon looking around more carefully, I noticed that the place was spotless.
I chose the broiled haddock in wine and herbs. It was absolutley delicious without the usual drenching of butter. The portion was adequate, but not overwhelming. The waitress was very busy, but she did attend to our needs. Others at my table had spaghetti and parmasan breaded haddock. Prices were reasonable.
I will return to try some of the other choices on the menu.
It's that adventuresome spirit that has taken me into eating establishments from a rural New Mexico bar lined up with authentic coyboys toting guns in their holsters  serving "to die for" Mexican food, all the way to the "ten star" Cairo Marriott with the largest buffet of Middle Eastern dishes that I could imgine.

Club Valentine, Bath

6665 Faucett Rd, Bath, NY 14810

Have an adventure in eating in the Finger Lakes!