Sunday, July 24, 2011

a cooling thought about dining out

How bad is it when our neighborhood gang goes in and checks out the AC in restaurants before determining if we will stay for dinner?

Friday night we did that because our minds had become crazed from the heatwave, and we wanted to be blasted with AC unconditionally. --NO excuses, whatsoever.

 Our tour of  area eating establishments started by doing a "driveby" of one popular place that had its front door wide open.That should have been a telltale sign right there. We could see that it was very crowded and lively by all the people jammed in, but we also knew that more heat was being generated by bodies, too. We didn't want to be  packed in like sardines, and paying for the pleasure as well.

We moved on, and found the next two places stiffling with the AC not being able to keep up on a hot evening. Besides, the heat from the kitchens were radiating out to the dining areas, and those cooks must have been sweltering! The diners didn't look all too enthusiastic either, so again we drove on.

The AC in the car perked us up and kept us hopeful. We would be able to have dinner eventually.

While we drove we checked off mentally other places that wouldn't work. We definitely didn't want to be sitting outside on a deck where on most summer evenings in the Finger Lakes the breeze would be ideal for cooling us off.

Finally, we found a restaurant that was so cold and numbing to the skin that we knew we had found our little piece of heaven. Normally, this would be the building where the ladies in our group would bring light sweaters so as not to be frozen out, but not tonight. People were happy, relaxed and staying as long as they could lingering over their meals. We were no fools, and did likewise. We realized that it would be soon enough and we would have to attempt sleep in this tropical weather for  yet another  night.

I hope that we all remember last Friday night when we are shivering and complaining about the cold in the middle of winter!!