Saturday, July 30, 2011

picking blueberries is a sweet antidote

     Early this morning I went off the beaten path so to speak to a small blueberry patch. It was on a dirt road in the woods, which has never attracted much attention. That was fine with me.
     Once I gathered my buckets and found my spot along a row of bushes ripe with plump fruit, my hands started the rhyme of the picker-three in the bucket and one in my mouth. Yum! They were so tasty. Those berries were better than water quenching my thirst.
     Since no one else was around I decided to use the time to think, but I wasn’t sure where this would lead me. I didn’t have any pressing worries or needs.  Often my greatest thoughts have come when I was performing mindless tasks, taking long walks or even sleeping. For what it’s worth, napping in the middle of the day has awakened terrific nuggets that I have developed into creative projects.
     I returned home with my blueberries, and will I be ever grateful next winter on oatmeal Saturday mornings.