Saturday, June 4, 2011

a summertime joy in the garden

The planters are filled with geraniums, colorful petunias and marigolds. The hanging baskets grace our front and back porches.  Don't get me wrong, and think that it sounds like it is another summertime chore to mark off my list, though.
I find the seasonal planting is a way to commune with nature just as I do when the blustery winds carry me down the hills snowshoeing in the bitter wintry months. Sorry to some of you for that reminder of another time of year, but it works for me.
For the rest of the summer with good vibes spread over the plants, the watering can handy and a decent fertilizer all will be well in my yard. I can sit back and watch honeybees and butterflies come calling as one by one the flowers open their heads to the sun's rays. Now if only I can keep my cat, Dickens, when he is in his favorite hidiing place in the garden from crushing the lupins and daisies to pieces.