Wednesday, June 15, 2011

happy father's day to all

It’s been so long
Too many years in fact since he passed on.

But in the deep of the night when I am restless I can sometimes hear his voice,
 a soft melodic one gently soothing me
giving me inner peace and serenity like I am  a protected child
beckoning me back to sleep.

I remember how he held me as a little girl and told me about his early life.
How he gave me all the words of wisdom he needed to and the assurance that all would be right with the world.
How he impressed upon me the value of my education
And always doing the honorable thing.
How he rocked me through chicken pox, measles and mumps.
How he got me to eat my vegetables one spoonful at a time.
Sometimes his advice came in stories that I didn’t fully understand until years later when the ah ah moment came.
My father didn’t laugh a lot but when he chuckled during our times together telling me his made up Puddle Willy stories
It developed our special bond
As father to daughter