Friday, June 24, 2011

a conesus lake afternoon

What better way to let go of all the world's cares that I have been shouldering, than relaxing on a boat cruising Conesus Lake! Apparently, I wasn't the only one thinking those thoughts as I headed  to Lakeville  at the north end of the lake before turning south again hearing the ripples of the water lap the sides of the boat.

Two girls were making an attempt to canoe, but they were going in circles around the dock laughing a mile a minute. What fun on a sunny afternoon making an attempt at a new experience! They'll get it eventually.

Passing by one dock there was a woman comfortably slumped in a lounge chair reading, and she was in her own world. Certainly in a while she will be back upstairs in the cottage getting dinner ready, but for the moment there is peace within the covers of her book. On the other hand, she might be right in the throws of a good murder mystery that is taking her off putting pieces of the puzzle together.

A catamaran slipped by heading to dock on the west side of the lake, and over near the shore a man was experimenting with wind surfing doing rather nicely.

The sky had threatening gray patches of clouds, but the sun was out for the most part and a slight breeze eliminated the humidity felt so badly on land. My boating partners and I had moments of intense conversation, but mostly there was an immense amount of quietness.