Tuesday, June 7, 2011

asian fusion cooked wok well in hornell

It's changed since I last ate at The Rainbow Heaven Restaurant, 76 Seneca Street, Hornell. Now instead of "Americanized Chinese" food, the chef is selecting Asian Fusion dishes that are more authentic to the countries in the Far East. Sushi is still prominent on the menu, and from what I could tell from the others eating at nearby tables, it was a popular choice.
Our waiter made sure that we understood what our menu options were, and carefully explained the ingredients in each dish. He stayed attentive to our needs all evening, too.
I chose the Spicy Mango Chicken with snowpeas and mixed peppers; others at the table selected the same dish with the shrimp touched up a notch with more spice. We were all pleased at the flavor of the mango and the delicious steamed brown rice that blended nicely into our dishes.
I am glad that our friends called us late in the afternoon to join them for dinner on a Monday.