Saturday, March 5, 2011

creativity in meal planning during the ice storm

What kinds of filling meals did we eat during the ice storm that required the gas stove-thank goodness, and the remains of the refrigerator?  I really don't remember, but we apparently did just fine, and I don't think hunger was an issue.
Since we were blessed with a toasty woodstove in the living room, I do remember we were comfortable around our dining room table, and  actually we shed a layer or two for the duration of the meal illuminated by candlelight. Because we were limited in where we could go and what we could do, I believe that we lingered a little longer with good conversation without the usual rush of typical working nights-papers to be graded, chores completed before the weekend, and it slowed us down a bit.
Like everybody else, I take conveniences for granted too often, and it took a few days of simple living to remind me of what I have come to expect from life.
Is it all necessary?