Thursday, February 10, 2011

try your pen at poetry...or a short story

 For those living in the Finger Lakes region, Writers and Books is an
 active community center for all literary events in Rochester.
 I took a course from a professional writer at Writers and Books on how to publish my writing quite a few years ago, well before I even had enough to call a portfolio of work. It must be that I was anticipating writing up a storm. I was impressed at the quality of instruction at Writers and Books, and how it was tailored to suit the needs of learners.
 I did get that body of work together eventually, and the advice still worked with some minor modifications.
This morning  I am also thinking about Writers and Books because I am going to be  spending a couple hours guiding someone  on the path to daily writing for her own pleasure. It will be a lesson in confidence-building and tips on writing from personal experience.