Friday, February 11, 2011

table talk opens a new leaf

As I sat around a huge, sturdy farmhouse dining room table with a group of delightful people last evening, my ears tuned in to some wonderful history of their area, and a touch of exciting news about their local historical society. I pictured a rural town from a different set of voices-those that had lived through the period when the town was bustling with a Main Street filled with hardware and small grocery stores.
We talked about the Amish people and their contributions to a better quality of life. The neighbors appreciated their skill at producing homemade cheese, vegetables and furniture.
It is always fun sharing good books and movies with others, along with possibilities for visiting new places close at hand in the Finger Lakes region that somehow have been overlooked. Last night was no exception, and because of our diverse interests, we had so much to offer each other.
It was a pleasant evening by all rights with candles burning outlining the contented faces of my tablemates pausing for time together after a busy day.
The neatest thing about our table talk is that a couple months ago I did not even know these people at all. Now they have become friends, and driving back home in the chilly air I was happy remembering  how it had evolved.