Saturday, February 19, 2011

gather 'round the table for a yearly ritual

It never fails, but  come mid-February and I get finished with winter-whether or not winter is finished with the Finger Lakes region, and take the drive through the hills and windy roads to in Short Track for buckwheat pancakes.
 It has become a tradition in our home, and if we happen to have a visitor, then the pancake house is the place to go without a doubt. It's one of those restaurants that is hard to explain. You have to go there!
Sitting in one of the large dining areas around a table with family and friends is just the perfect thing to do, especially after a good hike in Letchworth State Park. Can that justify the extra pancake or two covered with homemade syrup? I sure hope so!
The table is simple- covered in a plastic checkered cloth and  paper placemats advertsing local businesses. That's really all that is needed though, other than a waitress bringing on all the pancakes that you can eat.
Celebrating the coming season with a meal is a great way to anticipate joyfully what is ahead.