Wednesday, February 23, 2011

following my own advice...seriously this time

How interconnected life seems to be!! The very day that I write about a silly fall to the snowy ground ends by evening truly forcing me to look up at life from that exact perspective-but with a little more serious overtone to it!
You might want to go back and read Monday's post before going on.
I spent a night tossing and turning attempting to see how it really felt to be examining life upward from a prone position.  It was humbling, and what once seemed so important became much more trivial. I counted all the moments in life that I could be grateful,  and I am happy to say that ideas popped into my head that I had forgotten totally.
You see, things had not gone right for me, and I was in a frenzy of too many "what if's" accumulating faster than a speeding bullet. I calmed myself and started plotting the worst case scenerio, and that wasn't too bad as I imagined it playing out in the next few weeks. Then I thought about a solution which would reverse the whole situation. Finally, I wondered about a win-win for everyone concerned.
In the morning the answer came. It was a win-win. If I could have used a bit more patience and less worrying, it would have been better for my mental health. Will I never learn?