Tuesday, February 22, 2011

falling down, and looking up from a different perspective

The other day I mistakenly put my showshoe down into an icy, hard bank of snow at the end of our trail where our neighbor plows and I lost my footing.
 I came crashing down, but fortunately I was fine. Between a snowy blanket to land on and a layer of fleece, there was no problem. I let my body go limp and went with the fall.
Laying on the ground I found myself wanting to stay there, though, just laughing like a little kid playing around in the snow with no inhibitions and no anxieties whatsoever.
The sky was a deep blue and there was not a cloud anywhere in sight to make it less than perfect, just the way my day was turning out.
Sometimes falling down and looking at the world from a different perspective can be a refreshing experience!