Wednesday, January 26, 2011

try to remember...

SUNY Geneseo Arts presents....
The Fantasticks  

Wednesday, January 26-Saturday, January 29, 2011
Location: Robert Sinclair Theater, Brodie Hall, SUNY Geneseo
Phone: 245-5824

  • Time: Wednesday - Friday at 8:00 pm; Saturday at 2:00 pm and 8:00 pm.
  • Cost: Public $10; Student/Senior/ Faculty/ Staff $8.00
  • Directed by John Gasper. Musical Direction by Alan Case

The play ran for 42 seasons in New York, and is one of the most loved stories of all musical theater.
Two neighboring fathers trick their children, Luisa and Matt, into falling in love by pretending to feud and erecting a wall between their houses. The fathers then hire traveling actors to stage a mock abduction, so that Matt can heroically seem to save Luisa, settling the supposed feud and securing their fathers' blessings (which of course the young lovers have really had all along). After the children discover the deception, they reject the arranged love match. Each goes off to experience the wider world. They return to each other bruised but enlightened by their journeys, realizing that they have always been in love, and renew their vows with more maturity. Elements of the play are ultimately drawn from the story of Pyramus and Thisbe, its story winding its way through Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet and A Midsummer Night's Dream.