Sunday, January 16, 2011

table talk rekindles more stories

A couple years ago I wrote an essay about a well-used table that I saw at a church yardsale, and it had more than one message to tell I now realize.
Not only was the table a history of a family's life-all the tears shed and the joys announced throughout the years, but today it also brought to mind the various tables that I have sat around- and some pretty improvised arrangements, too, where it was all about the wonderful, warm people that I was partaking with in a particular meal.
A good friend of ours passed away recently, and I remember that the last time we were together for any length of time was at a picnic outside at another kind friend's home. It wasn't a fancy setting either, because several tables of uneven heights and shapes were pushed together with all the lawn chairs that could be found to accomodate everyone. The food was outstanding, and there was enough as one might say to feed an army. Nobody was shy about taking second helpings either.  We spent a couple hours laughing and catching up with each other before going our separate ways once again. That is a table that we will never ever forget!