Wednesday, January 12, 2011

rochester native's book centers around canandaigua

"The Language of Trees," the debut novel by Ilie Ruby, paints a magnificent picture in words of healing spirits and second chances in life if you open your heart wide enough. It is set on Canandaigua Lake in Canandaigua with a little history of the Seneca Indians connecting the parts of the story. There is a mystery to be solved that breaks open a dark secret from decades ago.
Ruby talks about Canandaigua as the story setting..."there is no where else he ( Grant Shogo, a Seneca descendant ) could have gone but to the lake. Canandaigua is the place where he feels God in the trees, a place that the Seneca call the Chosen Spot, where the Seneca say that the earth split its seams and the ancestors emerged, a people for whom nature dwarfed all else."