Friday, January 28, 2011

making a walk of it

I took the lower trail cris-crossing our neighbor's property.  At the  main road I heard voices and noticed  two surveyors setting up at the sharp curve that causes cars to come to a very slow crawl no matter what the season. It has been a dangerous spot for too long either coming up or down the hill. Already this winter I have slid down and around hoping that no car would be facing me while I was way over the line on the road.
 I  turned around and snowshoed back home up the gradual incline. Since I have been out quite regularly this month I noticed that I hardly had to stop at all, and that was good news. My poles helped push away the brush that often gets caught under foot if I am not careful. All too soon I was taking off the layers that I had put on the hour before, but I did feel energy flowing through my body. That I will relish for the rest of the day!