Friday, January 7, 2011

looking inside the covers of a small town

I've been roaming around Steuben County looking at one hamlet in particular-Wallace, in the town of Avoca.
 Although everyone would agree that the appearance of Main Street on the outside could use a cosmetic overall, there isn't a customer who opens a door to a Wallace business-whether it be through a virtual shopping trip over the Internet, or in person, who isn't in agreement over the enthusiasm and knowledge of the local entrepreneurs, along with the outstanding quality of their products. It's more than that, though. When a visitor looks into the soul of Wallace, then that is when they will get a real sense of the town.

A visit in person is truly a time to slow down and spend some time in conversation finding out more about a trademark marble product designed in Wallace to natural, organic herbs grown and dried for medicinal distribution nationally. A store in the center of town sells natural birdhouses handcrafted from local scraps of board for drawing in specific species of birds. The artisan is right there to share with you her expertise. On top of that, a new two-bedroom bed and breakfast with a gathering room for weddings and parties is taking shape nicely in the  former old Wallace Methodist Church.