Wednesday, December 22, 2010

twas four days before Christmas,

Twas four days before Christmas
    and inside the room
 Tree lights are a shimmering
   Santa here soon! 

The Christmas tree seems to be the central focus in any household during the season, and ours is no exception. We are looking forward to visits with out- of- town friends all week long, and spending some quality time near the tree in the living room together.
 Fortunately this year the  cat is old enough to have lost interest in any climbing escapdes where in the past he would  scale the tree to the tip top. It is a relief to wake up in the morning with decorations where they are suppose to be and not strewn all over the floor. Thanks, Dickens, for your appreciate for our tree, and my limits with patience.There is one small stuffed angel decoration, though, which sits on a shelf that turns up on the floor every single morning. Am I suppose to guess how it happens? I play along with the cat's clever trick for attention, and pick him up to cuddle for a few minutes before heading to the kitchen for my coffee.