Tuesday, December 21, 2010

twas five days before Christmas,

Twas five days before Christmas
     and snow's on the ground
Nary a problem for drivers
     happiness abounds.
We tend to grumble when there is a pile of snow to contend with, sidewalks to clear and plans cancelled for events we longed to attend. BUT today the snow is only there for its beautiful Christmas wrapping paper around the earth, so its all in what you want to make of it.

Besides, tonight is Winter Solstice and the start of days lengthening! My girlfriends and I will gather together for our annual dinner at the Women's Retreat at Growing Places Enrichment Center in Dansville. We'll engage in some lively discussions catching us up with each other, but more importantly, we will slip off our shoes,  throw up our feet and be like giggling, little girls again even for a few short, magical hours.