Sunday, December 12, 2010

joyful artistic conversation with an old and new friend

 I went into the woods near Avoca yesterday afternoon to visit with  jewelry artisan, Joani DeSimone in her studio, but I was pleasantly surprised to meet Eli Thomas, Native American artist,  there  as well. He shared his art of storytelling along with his paintings. I sat entranced listening to beautiful Native American stories skillfully word- crafted  in Eli's  calm, unassuming manner. His art ties in with nature, especially the wolf, which is his clan, and in every painting there is layer upon layer of hidden images springing out at you if you really look from different angles.
Joani is unique in her jewelry, and she as well incorporates nature's themes into her work. While Eli was telling his stories, Joani was making new bracelets in the comfortable spacious room.
I will go back this winter when Joani opens her studio once a month to other visual and word artists for a time of gathering to refresh, renew and share ideas to get stimulated creatively.
Surpirses are everywhere in the people that you meet and the places that you are led to in the Finger Lakes!