Monday, November 1, 2010

keep november close to your heart

The calendar flipped over a month, and Veteran's Day and Thanksgiving are clearly marked as special holidays. Other than those events, November can truly be an understated month with more thoughts pointed at the craziness of Christmas consumerism letting days slip on by which should be appreciated.  I won't touch that subject right now, but I do have plenty to say.
 A few snowflakes drifted down over the weekend reminding us that we had better be finished with the outside yardwork. It's time to pack up the good weather, and shake out a new season.  Hunters are parked randomly over the back roads and they are softly trudging through the woods hoping to find their elusive prey.
As for me, I have promised myself that I will take some time every day this month of November to be grateful for something or someone that has affected me making a difference.