Saturday, October 9, 2010

thoughts on a crisp october morn

My friend is on the road again chasing down ideas for a book about all the Waylands in the United States.. What a gorgeous time of year to be heading to the MidWest. Thanks to a website I can follow his progress, and perhaps, needle him a bit along the way to remind him that he really isn't that far away from all of us.

I was excited to get an e-mail notice  alerting me that my bulb order will be arriving early next week. It is  planting time, and the garden will be  chock full of daffodils, hyacinths and tulips. From the dining room window I will be able to look out at them sleeping in the ground, and imagine the elegance of their show in the springtime. Their beauty will come up after a long winter's dreariness, and I will be grateful that I got them started in the fall in an all-new area in the yard that pays tribute to my sister, a lover of colorful flowers and plants during her life.

Pumpkins surround our entry way and they are sparking with dew running off their faces in the early hours.  More leaves have come down to blow away, and I wonder if their descent will ever end before my energy runs out. It is a no-win situation every year.

The last sip of pumpkin spice coffee keeps me lingering, while my cat has my lap all to himself purring away contentedly. October is a month to return to the earth all good things.