Friday, October 15, 2010

I brake for squirrels

Does that mean that I take them off-balance from their built-in ability to protect themselves? I just hate to hear that "Thump," and know that one more dead squirrel is a roadkill feast. I would much rather watch the artful tango dance backwards into safety in the bushes.

Tis the season the critters big and small are out there moving into their winter quarters. I've noticed an abundance of chipmunks trying to snuggle into places like underneath the hood of my car. Mothballs I am told is the simpliest remedy.  The field mice are searching for opportune nooks and crannies in our homes away from the lurking cat or two. My cat has plenty of entertainment trying to tantalize a little fellow from underneath the stove. Gotcha!
Maybe the safest of all are the birds flying around in the sky above doing their own traffic control.