Monday, October 25, 2010

around and about auburn over the weekend

The main reason I was in Auburn on Saturday was to attend a matinee performance of "Church Basement Ladies-A Second Helping"at the Merry-Go Round Playhouse ( schedule of plays for the 2011 season is posted on the website ) near Cayuga Lake. Needless to say, the play was hilarious with every possible laugh line pertaining to church life  that could possibly be. Yet there were some tender thought-provoking moments, too, that made it clear what church fellowship is all about.

Dinner at Curley's in Auburn, a local family-run establishment since 1934, ended a perfect day. I chose a veal piccata with a side of ziti in red sauce to try out the Ialian food the restaurant is known for. I wasn't disappointed, either. Evidently, by all the people eating at Curley's it is the place to be on Saturday night!